About Us.

GoodFITT Personal Training & Wellness is based in the West Island of Montreal, Quebec.


Who We Are

GoodFITT Personal Training & Wellness is based in the West Island of Montreal, Quebec.

Frequency: number of sessions per week; number of repetitions or sets
Intensity: level of challenge/difficulty/tempo
Time: duration of workout session or rest
Type: equipment/training method used and performed

The combination of these four elements fulfills our purpose: to help our clients attain success through the achievement of their health and fitness goals, as well as coach them towards living a happy and healthy lifestyle in the safest manner possible, no matter the age.

We aim to please and challenge your musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems through various methods of exercise (compound and isolated). In addition to the exercise component, we provide nutritional advice, guidelines, and program design pulsed to motivate and move you to action, as well as stress management support strategies – the ideal combination for effective fitness and wellness success!

Why Choose Goodfitt?

The right mindset, lack of motivation, and the struggle to develop and maintain healthy habits are just a sample of the challenges that can come between you and your desire to achieve your. Believe us – we’ve been there and totally understand!

Our goal is simple: to help you reach your potential and beyond by constructing a gameplan that hits hard in the short term but provides lasting results in the long term in an environment conducive to your success.

Your Pace | Your Time

Whether your goal is to climb a flight of stairs without losing your breath, to fit into those lovable jeans again, to participate in a 5km run, establish a regular routine for activity, or find relief from the everyday stresses and anxieties of life, we are committed to help if you are ready to hustle for it

You don’t have to be alone on the road to a healthy active lifestyle! We’ve got your back and will be with you every step of the way. Even when progress seems slow, don’t stop moving!


What We Do

Not your average training experience!

• Fun and energetic training programs personalized to
cater to your fitness and nutrition goals
• Flexible training sessions – 30 or 60 minutes – in the morning, afternoon, evening, and weekends (subject to availability)
• TeamFITT Bootcamp courses designed to challenge, motivate, and get you
moving in the right direction.
• Nutrition planning and counselling – help you make better choices to produce effective results.
• Semi-Private and Fixed Small Group Training – grab a partner or a group of friends, family, or colleagues and share in the sweat together!
• Progress reports including Body Composition and FITTNess Evaluations to
highlight improvements and identify areas needing work.

Always Forward | Never Backward

We care about your fitness, mentally and physically, your progress, and most importantly, we care about YOU!

Our Mission & Values

GoodFITT Personal Training & Wellness Services’ mission is to be a contributor in the ongoing efforts of improving the health and wellness (mentally, physically, and nutritionally) of the West Island community, Canadian population, and people worldwide. We follow the guidelines set out by the Canadian Fitness Professionals (Can-Fit Pro)

Through safe, effective, and informative training and coaching, we desire to help people set and achieve realistic and attainable health and fitness goals in a reasonable amount of

We promise to provide support, encouragement, and motivation to our clients through our training team in order to ensure their progress is successful and their experience is rewarding.

We value the relationships we establish, both past and present, with our clients and partners therefore we always demonstrate a high level of respect and professionalism and expect the same to be demonstrated in return.